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Mission Statement

The mission of the CV Section is to promote and assure advancement in the diagnosis and the surgical and endovascular management of cerebrovascular disease in order to:

  1. Serve as the forum for the exchange of ideas and information among neurological surgeons and other scientists and physicians whose principal interest is directed toward this discipline;
  2. Serve as the responsible body to apprise the Board of Directors of the AANS and the Executive Committee of the CNS of activities in this area of neurological surgery;
  3. Serve as the resource for the Board of Directors of the AANS and the Executive Committee of the CNS in conducting special studies and propose solutions to problems in this area when directed to do so by the Board and/or Executive Committee;
  4. Serve as the Section to assist the AANS and the CNS in the advancement of education, research, and patient care in the area of cerebrovascular disease;
  5. Promote awareness among younger neurosurgeons of opportunities for clinical practice and research in the area of cerebrovascular and endovascular surgery; and
  6. Promote public awareness of the many manifestations of cerebrovascular disease and educate the public on recognizing the signs and symptoms as well as the treatment and prevention of cerebrovascular disease.

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