Coming of Age

Coming of Age

In 1988, Charles Drake of London, Ontario, Canada, gave the first Annual R.M. Peardon Donaghy lecture, which would henceforth honor the memory of the Vermont neurosurgeon who collaborated with Ghazi Yasargil on the first extracranial to intracranial bypass in the 1960s.


Drake                             Yasargil/Donaghy

The cerebrovascular section tackled issues facing cerebrovascular neurosurgeons.


CV Section Newsletter 1996

In 1996, Cerebrovascular Section Chair L. Nelson Hopkins commissioned Issam Awad to organize and chair the first separate meeting of the Joint Section for one and half days preceding and overlapping with the ISC in San Antonia, Texas. The program included lectures and a highly competitive abstract selection process for scientific presentations.



The following year in 1997, the Cerebrovascular Section meeting included joint organization with the American Society for Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology (ASITN, later to become the SNIS). The conference was held February 4-6 in Anaheim, CA. Chair of the Cerebrovascular Section was Steve Giannotta. Meeting chair was Linda Sternau.

The subsequent Section meetings have typically been held each year at the same venue and immediately preceding the ISC. The Cerebrovascular Section also held regular scientific sessions at each year's annual AANS meeting and CNS meeting.

At the third Cerebrovascular Section meeting in 1998 in Orlando, Florida, Alejandro Berenstein was chosen to deliver the first annual Alfred Luessenhop Lecture, honoring the Washington, D.C. neurosurgeon who pioneered endovascular procedures.


Berenstein                              Luessenhop

Starting in 1999, during the CNS presidency of Hunt Batjer, Duke Samson delivered the inaugural Charles Drake lecture to be given at each year's Cerebrovascular Section session at the Annual CNS meeting.


To honor the first Chair of the CV Section, J. Garber Galbraith, the Galbraith Award is given to the best resident research in cerebrovascular disease submitted to the CNS Annual Meeting.






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