Early Years

Early years of the CV section


First Chair of the AANS Cerebrovascular Section was J. Garber Galbraith of Alabama, 1975-1976



Second Chair was Thor Sundt, 1976-1977

The relationship of Thor Sundt with Clark Millikan and Robert Siekert, all Mayo Clinic, was instrumental in the development of neurosurgery's role in stroke.


The first International Stroke Conference (ISC) was held February 27-28, 1976 in Dallas and was jointly sponsored by the AANS Cerebrovascular Section.

 CNS Newsletter 1977

The following year, the ISC was held February 25-26, 1977 in Miami and was again jointly sponsored by the AANS Cerebrovascular Section. Thor Sundt was the Chair of the Cerebrovascular Section. Neurosurgeons were encouraged to participate.

The leadership of the Cerebrovascular Section began meeting at the ISC. They would hold a meeting at the same hotel as the ISC to discuss the business of the Cerebrovascular Section. 

Early Chairs of the Cerebrovascular Section were: 

1975-1976    J. Garber Galbraith         

1976-1977    Thoralf Sundt                  

1977-1978    Russell H. Patterson, Jr.  

1978-1979    John M. Tew, Jr.             

1979-1980   Robert G. Ojemann         

1980-1981    Albert L. Rhoton, Jr.        


Albert Rhoton's response to an inquiry about the history of the early years of the CV section:

In 1981, Garber Galbraith was the Honored Guest of the CNS Meeting (Los Angeles). That same year the CNS amended its bylaws to allow the creation of specialty sections jointly with the AANS. Henceforth, the AANS Cerebrovascular Section became a Joint Section of the AANS and CNS. Edward Downing was Chair.


For the next 20 years, the Joint Cerebrovascular Section leadership would meet at the ISC meeting venue as a committee along with neurosurgeons attending the ISC conference.

This meeting was the precursor of Executive Council meetings in more recent years, and included the planning of cerebrovascular programs at the AANS and CNS meetings, and other agenda items of interest to neurosurgeons. This included in the early 1990s a multidisciplinary organization known as the Brain Attack Coalition.


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