Origins of the CV section

Stroke became a focus of interest of neurologists in the 1950s.

Irving Wright, a cardiologist, received funds from Mary Lasker to hold a conference as a forum to bring together leaders in the field of stroke research.

 Irving Wright

Princeton Conference was first held in Princeton, NJ, January 24-26, 1954. The Princeton Conferences were critical to the development of stroke as a field.

AHA recognized the need for a Council on Cerebrovascular Disease which was established and first met in 1963 (later known as the Stroke Council).

Clark Millikan from Mayo Clinic was the first Chairman on the Council on Cerebrovascular Disease, and Robert Siekert from Mayo Clinic was also actively involved. 

 Clark Millikan

Millikan expressed the need for a publication on stroke. The new journal, Stroke, was published under the auspices of the AHA and Millikan was the first editor.

In the 1970s, neurosurgeons realized they needed to be involved in stroke care. In 1975, the Section on Cerebrovascular Surgery was formed as a section of the AANS. It began with 22 members.

In 1975, James Robertson announced during his CNS presidential address the first meeting of the cerebovascular section for 1976 in Dallas:





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