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The Case of the Month site is intended to function as a portal for interesting cerebrovascular cases, along with relevant discussion and topic review.

Inclusion of edited video media (procedures and interventions) is encouraged. Over time, this section should generate a collection of complex/interesting cases, accompanied by short commentary from experts in the field, which can serve as useful reference material for peers, residents and fellows. In contrast to the case forum, this site is not designed for rapid feedback and consultation.

Editor of the Forum

Rabih G. Tawk

Case Upload

Registered CV members can submit cases to the Forum for selection. The cases should include a brief history and physical examination, pertinent images (with edited media), outcomes, and discussion. The format should be similar to that of a case report.

Commentary Panel

The current members of CV executive committee, Rabih G. Tawk, P. Roc Chen, William Ashley, William J. Mack.

Presentation Structure

Each case will be presented in two phases:

1.) Clinical Vignette
Once the case is accepted, the clinical presentation and accompanying images will be uploaded to the website. This will occur on the first of the month. The submission will be labeled as a “clinical vignette” and will stay on the website for a full month.

2.) Case Discussion
On the first of the following month, the full case discussion (management, operative images, videos, outcome, and a comprehensive discussion) will be uploaded as a response to the clinical vignette. The initial clinical vignette will remain on the website along with the discussion.

Each month, a new clinical vignette and a case discussion accompanying the previous month’s clinical vignette will be uploaded and available. Once the cases have been presented as vignettes and subsequent discussions (total of two months), they will be permanently archived by topic.

* Disclaimer: The Commentary Panel, the CV Section Website, and the AANS/CNS CV Section are not legally responsible for the treatment, comments, or outcomes provided. The comments are considered as expert opinion and are offered to promote education with a balanced review on the topic.

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