Payer Policies for Cerebrovascular Disease


  1. Introduction
  2. Background on payer policies
  3. Payer policies that impact cerebrovascular disease
  4. “New” payer policies to be aware of
  5. Resources
    1. Literature regarding payer policies
    2. Payer policies (pdf’s) from insurers
    3. Payer policy cases
      1. Letters written on behalf of providers
    4. List of insurer providers with contact info (?)
  6. Provider forum
    1. Blog for discussing payer policies affecting providers practices
    2. Area for polling providers
      1. Which insurance carriers do you interact with most
      2. What policies are most important for you
  7. Inquiry Form
    1. Form in which providers can:
      1. Request help or advice regarding policies that are negatively impacting them
      2. Suggest policies that should be suggested

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