Payer Policy Introduction

Payer policies are beginning to impact the practice of cerebrovascular neurosurgery. Case in point is the increasing reluctance of insurance providers to pay for mechanical thrombectomy for the treatment of acute stroke. Whether this is justified or not remains to be determined as is the impact on patients who present now with acute stroke. Clearly, payer policies have had a profound effect on the use of stents to treat both intracranial and extracranial stenosis.

Payer policies are not likely to go away and will likely become increasingly more common and have the potential to impact the care we deem necessary for our patients. It is imperative that we be aware of various payer policies that effect cerebrovascular neurosurgery and the methods for developing these polices.

The payer policy portion of this website is directed at cerebrovascular neurosurgeons and interventionalists and is intended for the following purposes:

  1. To educate providers about policies that impact their practice
  2. To serve as a conduit to disseminate new payer policies directed at cerebrovascular disease
  3. To serve as a resource for providers:
    1. Literature related to policy development, legality, impact, etc.
  4. To serve as a repository for payer policies regarding cerebrovascular disease
  5. To provide a form for discussing payer policies that impact cerebrovascular disease

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