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Cerebrovascular and Stroke Conditions

A Guide for Our Patients

Cerebrovascular disorders include full range of blood vessel related conditions in the central nervous system. These diseases may cause life threatening or devastating neurological events. The most common disorders are listed below:

  1. Brain aneurysms.
  2. Brain or spinal vascular malformations: including arteriovenous malformation (AVM), arteriovenous fistula (AVF), cavernous malformation (cavernoma), and developmental venous anomaly (DVA).
  3. Carotid disease.
  4. Moyamoya.

Management consists of individualized treatment plans prepared by a dedicated team of open vascular neurosurgeons, endovascular neurosurgeons or neuro-interventionists, and stroke neurologists. In this section, we will briefly describe each of these conditions and their potential Management paradigms.

Additional information is available at the websites listed below.


Brain Aneurysm Foundation is
National Stroke Association is
American Stroke Association is

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